Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 5 GTD Run

Some Pre-Run Excitement

If that didn't motivate me to
 run (away), nothing will!

This week's Monday night run found us back at the Boilermaker finish line.  After being startled by the explosive bursting of one of the safety patrol's bike tire and some pre-run entertainment provided by "Rainbow", we were off.

In order to keep the rest of the team from having to wait for me to finish, I like to head out a little earlier than the group.  I am without question the slowest member of this year's GTD Team.  But, I am proud to be out there and covering the same distance as everybody else - it just takes me a little longer.  It is still hard to believe that I am able to run nearly 5 miles without stopping!

This Week's Course

This week, we started at the finish line heading towards York Street.  We turned onto York St. to Old Burrstone, along Old Burrstone to Utica College.  From there, we followed the Boilermaker Course back to the Finish (Champlain - Whitesboro St. - Court St.).

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