Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday's Run - Featuring ME!

First Run of Week 4, Monday Night

As this weeks feature runner, I would be facing the camera throughout my run and an interview after running the four mile route.  The route was a fairly simple one, starting at the Boilermaker Start Line, up Culver Ave, 2 miles and back.  

My biggest concern was to be aware of the WKTV Cameraman, Spencer.  I did not want to give him any footage that I would not want to see on the news next week.  Running uphill for 2 miles was bound to make that a difficult task!

I know I do not look like a runner.  I certainly did not want to tune in and see me huffing and puffing up that hill.  Besides the ever-tough first mile, I felt that I ran fairly strongly.  I did feel like I saw Spencer in a new location every time that I looked up on the uphill portion of the route, I would have preferred to see him more on the downhill, oh well!

We'll see how it turned out soon enough.

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