Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday's Run, Week 5 Is Behind Us!

Our run to finish up Week 5 was another "slight hill".  I am not a fan of hills, nor mornings.  Putting them together, is a great way to start a Saturday!  I have to admit, this Saturday was the best morning run so far.  While I certainly was not loving the idea of getting out of bed and running, I felt the best I have of all of our morning runs so far.

As difficult as the climbs are, I am starting to get comfortable with the hills.  I definitely prefer the descents.  Considering the Boilermaker Course, I know all of this hill work is necessary.  I can only imagine what our Wednesday and Saturday runs will be like in the upcoming weeks.
4.3 Miles, 8:00 a.m.
Starting this coming week, we'll get to see how well all of this hill work is paying off.  Tuesday's run is the first 5 miles of the Boilermaker course - to the tennis courts.  Anybody familiar with the course knows that the first 4 miles are basically all uphill.  The knowledge that the last mile is downhill will be what gets me through the first four.

Wish me Luck!  (Leave me a comment below)

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