Friday, May 23, 2014

Sometimes I like Joe More Than Others!

Lovely Rolling Hills of SUNY IT Campus

This Wednesday's run was a 4-mile run on and around the SUNY IT Campus.  Instead of heading out of Parking Lot C and heading left up Residential Drive, we headed right out to SUNY IT Expressway, and down to River Road.  A nice downhill start for a good and and a half miles.

From there, we were to head back onto campus, left onto Residential Drive for the loop back to Parking Lot C.  I had never run the loop in that direction but, did not sound too bad.

Not Liking Joe So Much...

When Joe told us the route, I though it sounded like it would turn out to be a little shorter than Mondays 4.7 miles.  It was.  However, his dubious plan was not apparent to me until I was half halfway up Residential Drive and I realized what a climb we had been challenged with (from River Road, to past the residence halls is all UPHILL).

Needless to say, as I was constantly seeking the end to the torture, my mind was focused on how I could let Joe now how much I was disliking him for his choice of the evening's route.  

Maybe He's Not So Bad...

Needless to say, once I finished (with a short sprint - thanks to some encouragement) I was pleased with myself for completing the entire route without stopping to walk at all.  That makes two runs in a row in which I managed to keep running the entire distance (I even managed to pick up water and drink it while on the go).  

I was also grateful that Joe did not insist on me participating in the post-run sprints.  However, after I had a chance to get a drink and settle down, I did consider joining them for the last one.  By the time I made up my mind, they were wrapping up.  Oh well, next time.  

I do like to make fun a little but, I cannot believe how far the whole team has come in 4 short weeks! While it has been no walk in the park, at no time have I felt like I was facing an unsurmountable challenge.  The training has been perfect, even for an out-of-shape beginner such as myself.  If you are reading this thinking that maybe you could do it - you definitely could.

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