Thursday, May 8, 2014

How far are you running today?

With all of my family, friends and colleagues that are aware of my Go The Distance training, I am often faced with various questions, "how's the training going?" or, "how far are you running today?"

I love being able to share my experience as it forces me to be more social than I am naturally.  It also helps me stay focused on the goal. So many people continue to encourage me, there is no way I can let them down. 

For the record, my training is going great!  While I am usually sore the next day, I am amazed at the progress that I am making and my body's ability to handle each increase in distance.

Everybody knows that we are following a pre-determined training schedule that can be found on the Go The Distance page at   So when they ask me, "how far are you running today?", they expect me to be able to give them the planned distance. The problem is, unless it is Monday night, none of us really know how far Joe (our dedicated trainer) will send us. 

We were warned by GTD alumni that despite being an excellent coach, Joe's math was not so good.  As a testament to that fact, below is the route for last night's run - supposed to be a semi-flat 1.5 mile out and back (3 miles, total).
If you are familiar at all with the SUNY IT campus, you likely would not think "flat".  The mapped route came in just over 4 miles (based on my phone's GPS). Admittedly, there is some margin of error with the GPS tracking but, certainly not 33%.

None of us hold this against Joe, we have complete faith in the madness to his method. He is doing what he knows best to prepare each of us to successfully complete our first Boilermaker.  His track record stands for itself.

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