Thursday, May 15, 2014

Top 10 Things I Have Learned as a Beginning Runner by Participating in Go The Distance

Thank you Go The Distance

I owe a world of gratitude to the Go The Distance Committee for selecting me as one of this years participants and, to Joe W. and all of the runners that participate in our training runs for their support and encouragement.
With each training run, I learn a little more about myself, what I am made of, and of all that I am capable.  I am learning what it will take to conquer the greatest 15K road race in the country, the Boilermaker.

It amazes me how far I have come and how much I have learned in three short weeks. 

Following are the Top 10 things I have learned to date:

2. Runners are good people
3. We don't have to run together, to run together
4. Running is much more than getting one foot in front of the other
5. The first mile always sucks
6. The right footwear makes a huge difference
7. Your phone's GPS is probably not the most accurate measuring tool
8. Rest is as important as the running
9. Running makes me hungry
10. The key to improving may be in getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

My intent is to elaborate on each item in this list in a series of posts, to follow.  Stay tuned...

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