Sunday, April 27, 2014

One Week In, Still Going Strong

One Week, Three Runs

With each training run that I complete, I eliminate another fraction of doubt that I have had.  I have believed for a while that I could complete the 2014 Boilermaker but, there was always that doubt that I could pull it off.  I am so thankful to have the Go The Distance Team to get me there.  I am more confident than ever that I will complete my first Boilermaker this July.

Having a structured training program and a group of people with a common goal is more motivating than I would have imagined.  Following are the maps and results of my first three workouts.  As you can see, each run is longer than the last.  

1.95 Miles, Completed in 28:45, Average Pace 14:44
2.9 Miles, Completed in 45:19, Average Pace 15:38

3.1 Miles, Completed in 44:13, Average Pace 14:17

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