Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Go The Distance 2014

Another Go The Distance Season - 2014 Edition

Last night, Monday, April 21, 2014 marked the official kickoff of another season of preparing runners for the Boilermaker.  There was quite a turnout of seasoned and beginning runners for the first run of the season, a 1.8 mile loop starting and ending in the MVCC parking lot.
It was heels-up at 6:30, sharp.  Runners headed up the Memorial Parkway, down Mohawk Street, and back towards MVCC on James St.
Nice Turnout for the first run of the season!

The 2014 Go The Distance Team
As has become an annual tradition, WKTV has selected a team of first time runners to Go The Distance (GTD) and complete this year's Boilermaker.  Having lived in CNY nearly all of my life, I have seen more than a couple Boilermakers.  I have seen runners of all ages, shapes and, sizes cross that finish line.  I have even known previous GTD participants and have witnessed them successfully complete the "World's Biggest 15K Road Race."  WKTV and the GTD Team have quite a track record.
Meet the 2014 Go The Distance Team
I Hope They Are Ready For ME!

In hopes of getting all the help I can to prepare me to complete this year's Boilermaker, I prepared a nice little essay as part of my application to WKTV.  I really never have had any desire to immerse myself in a sea of thousands of runners and clamor my way 9 miles through the streets of Utica.  In fact, up until a few months ago, I hated distance running and despised crowds.  WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING!?!?

My first run with the team was about what I expected, I managed to maintain a pace slightly better than I have been keeping when running on my own.  The encouragement of the safety patrol and the other runners was certainly appreciated, whether my responses or facial expressions showed it - THANK YOU, EVERYBODY!  And I do mean everybody, since you were all there waiting for me at the end.

I'll share more about how I came to commit to running this year's Boilermaker in a future post.  Let me wrap up by saying that despite my current fitness level, I am committed to getting through this process and successfully completing the 2014 Boilermaker.

Despite what Joe W. may think, my selection to the 2014 GTD was not some cruel joke played on him by Kristen Copeland and the rest of the GTD Committee.  You may have your work cut out with me but, I'll give you all I have.

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