Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Final Countdown

    Today I officially completed my training for the Boilermaker. Week 12 has arrived.   According to My running app says I have gone 180 miles since April. I have gone from barely making 1 mile to making 8 miles.  I have lost weight, and gained friends.  Mostly, I have proven to myself that I can become a runner.
    I wrote in my GTD essay that I have tried 3 times to do this and failed.  From injury to just rookie mistakes I have not been able to work up to more than 3 miles.  With the help and support of this awesome group, at 42 out of shape and overweight years old, I can now run distance.  I have some great insight to the race, and tips from many past participants.  One of the best things about GTD is that anyone can run with the group. With the support of water stops and bike patrol many runners benefit from this, and they should. Running is a community, and although its an individual sport, most runners are humble good people who want to help each other. No divas here!  
    I recently was running on the country roads near my house.  On my loop back, there was a man now in his driveway getting ready for a run.  He said to me " You guilted me into running." Me.  I inspired someone to run. Remember me? 12 weeks ago I couldn't make it around the block.  Now 3 days to the race, I know I'm going to finish.  I also know next year I'm going to meet up with the GTD group like many before me continue to do, and I'm going to keep on trucking! Here's to the next 180 miles. With wind at my back and friends at my side, I've got more finish lines to cross.

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