Saturday, June 29, 2013

Week 10 and 10!

    I haven't written in a couple weeks because I have been busy. I have actually been busy running. I have the blisters to prove it, but even better I have some personal victories. 
    Three weeks ago we started running far enough to include Valley View Hill. The first time we ran it, I walked it. It was hot, it was horrible, I thought the thing was Everest. I thought I would be a VVH walker. The past 3 times I have conquered that beast. I'm nor sure if my pace on the hill is actually considered running, but I am getting my 42 year old body up that hill.  This was a huge personal victory for me. That hill seemed undoable just a few weeks ago. Heck, running the 3 miles to get there used to be questionable. 
    Last week we ran most of the BM course. It was hot and humid, and I thought for sure I would never finish. It took everything I had, but on June 25, my birthday, I made it from the start line to utica converters, the 8 mile mark. The worse of the course. On my 42nd birthday, I ran 8 miles. It's hard to believe. This is 5 miles farther than I have ever run and it took me 2 hours. My body was able to run for 2 hours. 
    This morning I achieved 2 new personal records, I ran my first mile in 10 min. I have never achieved this. It was mostly uphill and I wasn't even pushing. I'm not sure how I did this other than I am more in shape. My overall pace was 12.12 on 5.5 miles. My best pace to date. My calf was sore and I had to tape up my blisters but I had a good run. 
    Monday we do the entire course. I kind of don't want to because I want to save the specialness for the big day. I'm not going to think too deeply about it because in reality, it's huge. My best fitness accomplishment to date! 

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